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Find the samples
whose code contains

  Please take a note that starting with preparations of cycle 1907, values are indicated in µg/L, and no longer in the international system units.

Choose the analyte (or one of analytes) of the sample you want to order

  Available analytes
             Blood Cadmium     
             Blood Lead     
             Blood Mercury     
             Inorganic Arsenic     
             QMEQAS Blood     
             QMEQAS Hair     
             QMEQAS Serum     
             QMEQAS Urine     
             Serum Aluminium     
             Serum Copper     
             Serum Creatinine     
             Serum Manganese     
             Serum Selenium     
             Serum Zinc     
             Urine Arsenic     
             Urine Cadmium     
             Urine Chromium     
             Urine Copper     
             Urine Fluoride     
             Urine Iodide     
             Urine Lead     
             Urine Mercury     
             Urine Selenium     
             Urine Zinc     
Choose the material (or one of other materials) of the sample you want to order

  Other available products
             BPC/OC in serum     
             Organic substances in urine     

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